All of us that form the current core group of community members were all born and raised in the city. A sense of gradually intensified yearning and the experience of not being satisfied with this quality of life has brought us to the forest, in search of a higher frequency of living.

We don't want to be exposed to constant information waves and pollution in its many forms.
We want to live in community where we know our neighbors as friends that we trust and who support a common vision and practice of awareness. 
On the land we live in an ever-expanding ecologically conscious way, searching and creating more ways for sustainability and less imprint, using less, growing more, trading, sharing and recycling.The land has enough space for each member and shareholder to own a private lot on which to build his/her own home and garden and maintain privacy.The majority of the Land is shared, a part being the Retreat Center and the remainder being cultivated for food and herbal gardens , re-growing the forest and other creative projects.
As members of community or of this tribe , we are also in the constant practice of expanding our own consciousness , to be more sensitive and attentive , to give as well as to receive. We hold sacred space for circling , where real communication can happen and visions realized.
We have our greatest Teacher in Nature, that which surrounds us and gently embraces us with protection and guidance.
Our intention is to live in freedom, no-one is told how to live because we have this common understanding that is our higher consciousness. Each member can be as active in the community as desired. We respect and enjoy the lifestyle and culture of each person, and among ourselves there is a harmonious agreement of and intention to live in this ecologically conscious way. 



Our children are our highest aspiration, they come into this world to serve our evolution and we need to support their up-bringing with love and consciousness, with awareness for their environment, their health, their future and their creativity. When living in community children grow up loved and taught by the variety of people that surround them and this provides them security and diversity.
In Nature parents are more closely connected to their children.
In community, parents can receive more support for this great task of parenthood which allows them more expansion into wider personal horizons.

Nature speaks to children, sometimes it needs some time for a child to gain confidence in the Forest; the stones, the water, the many life-forms; yet once there is security, they begin to flourish, their eyes shine as they absorb from this Great Life Force surrounding them. The air is so clean, the river is always flowing, the forest constantly growing and changing. As Earthlings they should know Mother Earth in Her perfect natural state and receive from Her gifts. Thus they will learn how to cherish Her.

In the Forest , there is no negative influence like consumerism, consistent noise and other various pollutions of the cities. Parents choose what they want to expose their children to.
And we still learn the strong way of survival here.

We invite families to come experience this way of life. Together, we want to create a beautiful garden for these children so they can be happy and free while having their needs met.  We intend to provide them with alternative education of a high conscious level, where they can learn because they are eager to, for friendships that are non-violent and meaningful , for fresh organic foods that benefit their bodies. We want to fill their lives with positivity and allow their own creative expression to flower.



We are a small family related in blood and also a greater family connected in the Heart.  We have a big vision and a deep wish to live in peace and joy in nature with other brothers, sisters , mothers and fathers that are ultimately our refection of the Divine. Together we embody a new way of living as a humanity of the new era, living in harmony with Mother Earth.

We don't judge culture nor skin tone, accent, hair color or religious affiliation. We are the greater family reaching beyond borders and choosing to be as abundant as the forest is and recognising our soul essence as One with all our relatives that exist in the Nature, in trees, in the animals..
We are learning the ways of the tribe. We choose to gather in circle and truly listen when someone speaks, be it adult or child.
We choose to acknowledge each person's place in the circle, honoring their prescence and appreciating their contribution to the commune.
We choose to provide eachother support.
We are recognising our place in the Circle of Life and learning to appreciate, respect and protect the Earth 

From our point of Light in the Forest , we are calling for seekers of truth, people who want to awaken, and return to a life in nature - you are welome to join our universal tribe, and our beautiful community that is being built right now in the Forest of Costa Rica  

Viva la familia!



Florestral is the Forest touching the Astral Realms

Gently rolling down the elongated-bowl-shaped valley below the steep Tinamaste Ridge, the gorgious Diamante-waterfall shimmering in the distance, this 8-hectare triangular stretch of land offers both privacy since there is no traffic noise or neighbours nearby. It also has easy accessability both to the city of San Isidro, with all amenities, necessary supplies, medical care etc. only a 25 min. drive away and as well as the beautiful Pacific coastline with stunning beaches only 40 min away.

This land hosts a year-round spring, providing enough drinking water for 30-50 people, and has several (semi-)flat areas suitable for communal greenhouses/tunnels, a compost barn, animal stables, a temple, a yoga platform, guest cabins, resident homes etc.
A unique treasure is the Diamante river that runs all along the lower part of the land, with numerous dip-in pools, massage waterfalls, and rock-elevated meditation or –relaxation spots. Above, on the other side, stands a beautiful forest, securing rich, lush, green views from our side of the hill. 
When we divide the land horizontally in half then the upper part encompasses 10-12 half-an-acre private lots, for the core community members with green strips of 10 meter in between the lots.
The area below, the remaining roughly 60000m2, will be collectively owned, and used, for everyone to enjoy, plant and reforest, create walk throughs and Sacred spaces and other creative projects.
Roughly 1,5-2 hectares of that communal part has been reserved for the retreat center (including a Temple, a yoga deck/platform, 5-8 guest cabins, 2 toilets/shower quarters, a large dining and kitchen area, a big greenhouse, a cabin for the volunteer crew, a sweatlodge), which will initially be used primarily by the Sound of Light family, but shall soon be available for other kinds of retreats and purposes as well.



None of us are architects or builders, a this point, but we know clearly that we want to build, as much as feasible, with natural materials and locally available resources. 

In this spirit, we recently got the kind permission to gather and take a fair amount of left-over logs from a neighbouring Teak plantation (on the other side of the road), which are going to be used in the structural frameworks of our kitchen-dining space, and in guest cabins for our hosting area.
Apart from that lucky, but labour-intensive gift, we have considered river-rock-raised floors capped off with a clay-sand-limestone-cement plaster, low earthbag walls (up to 1-1,5m), left-over Teak planks or bamboo-panels for walls, with insect screen or glass for windows. 
In short, initially, rustic accomodations that we will, over the years, improve upon, both in terms of easthetic appeal, as well as in durability and sustainability. 
Their primary purpose is to offer shadow and shelter and a relatively mosquito-free abode, while allowing lots of air and light to pass through, surrounded by plenty of trees, edible shrubs, herb spirals, and expansive forest-views, with the peaceful rustling of flowing water in the background, bringing relaxation and tranquility.
If, or once feasible, we would like to incorporate sacred geometry principles and organic shapes/forms into our homes and buildings, so that they look and feel right in the landscape,and in our bodies.