Our children are our highest aspiration, they come into this world to serve our evolution and we need to support their up-bringing with love and consciousness, with awareness for their environment, their health, their future and their creativity. When living in community children grow up loved and taught by the variety of people that surround them and this provides them security and diversity.
In Nature parents are more closely connected to their children.
In community, parents can receive more support for this great task of parenthood which allows them more expansion into wider personal horizons.

Nature speaks to children, sometimes it needs some time for a child to gain confidence in the Forest; the stones, the water, the many life-forms; yet once there is security, they begin to flourish, their eyes shine as they absorb from this Great Life Force surrounding them. The air is so clean, the river is always flowing, the forest constantly growing and changing. As Earthlings they should know Mother Earth in Her perfect natural state and receive from Her gifts. Thus they will learn how to cherish Her.

In the Forest , there is no negative influence like consumerism, consistent noise and other various pollutions of the cities. Parents choose what they want to expose their children to.
And we still learn the strong way of survival here.

We invite families to come experience this way of life. Together, we want to create a beautiful garden for these children so they can be happy and free while having their needs met.  We intend to provide them with alternative education of a high conscious level, where they can learn because they are eager to, for friendships that are non-violent and meaningful , for fresh organic foods that benefit their bodies. We want to fill their lives with positivity and allow their own creative expression to flower.