We are a small family related in blood and also a greater family connected in the Heart.  We have a big vision and a deep wish to live in peace and joy in nature with other brothers, sisters , mothers and fathers that are ultimately our refection of the Divine. Together we embody a new way of living as a humanity of the new era, living in harmony with Mother Earth.

We don't judge culture nor skin tone, accent, hair color or religious affiliation. We are the greater family reaching beyond borders and choosing to be as abundant as the forest is and recognising our soul essence as One with all our relatives that exist in the Nature, in trees, in the animals..
We are learning the ways of the tribe. We choose to gather in circle and truly listen when someone speaks, be it adult or child.
We choose to acknowledge each person's place in the circle, honoring their prescence and appreciating their contribution to the commune.
We choose to provide eachother support.
We are recognising our place in the Circle of Life and learning to appreciate, respect and protect the Earth 

From our point of Light in the Forest , we are calling for seekers of truth, people who want to awaken, and return to a life in nature - you are welome to join our universal tribe, and our beautiful community that is being built right now in the Forest of Costa Rica  

Viva la familia!