Florestral is the Forest touching the Astral Realms

Gently rolling down the elongated-bowl-shaped valley below the steep Tinamaste Ridge, the gorgious Diamante-waterfall shimmering in the distance, this 8-hectare triangular stretch of land offers both privacy since there is no traffic noise or neighbours nearby. It also has easy accessability both to the city of San Isidro, with all amenities, necessary supplies, medical care etc. only a 25 min. drive away and as well as the beautiful Pacific coastline with stunning beaches only 40 min away.

This land hosts a year-round spring, providing enough drinking water for 30-50 people, and has several (semi-)flat areas suitable for communal greenhouses/tunnels, a compost barn, animal stables, a temple, a yoga platform, guest cabins, resident homes etc.
A unique treasure is the Diamante river that runs all along the lower part of the land, with numerous dip-in pools, massage waterfalls, and rock-elevated meditation or –relaxation spots. Above, on the other side, stands a beautiful forest, securing rich, lush, green views from our side of the hill. 
When we divide the land horizontally in half then the upper part encompasses 10-12 half-an-acre private lots, for the core community members with green strips of 10 meter in between the lots.
The area below, the remaining roughly 60000m2, will be collectively owned, and used, for everyone to enjoy, plant and reforest, create walk throughs and Sacred spaces and other creative projects.
Roughly 1,5-2 hectares of that communal part has been reserved for the retreat center (including a Temple, a yoga deck/platform, 5-8 guest cabins, 2 toilets/shower quarters, a large dining and kitchen area, a big greenhouse, a cabin for the volunteer crew, a sweatlodge), which will initially be used primarily by the Sound of Light family, but shall soon be available for other kinds of retreats and purposes as well.