1 Year Celebration for Florestral!

Solstice 19 - 22 December 2014

Join us in Florestral for this historical event! We are celebrating the 1 year-arrival to the Land and the opening of the Gateway to the Forest Retreat Center! During this special passage of the Solstice we will have a weekend of medicine and celebration.

Stay with us for all the weekend $230 (includes all meals and lodging)

Seminar Season for Healing and expanding Consciousness 2014

Florestral invites you to enter the gateway that brings you to the Forest for an awesome and multi-dimensional Seminar Season in 2014 on this beautiful and welcoming Land. Facilitated by the Sound of Light Family and community members of Florestral, we have a variety of Shamanic Retreats that include ceremonies with power plant healers, Yoga, Meditation and cleansing sweatlodges from December 2014 until March 2015

Sacred Plant Medicine Retreats

5 December


Full Moon Ceremony (1 night)

19 - 22 December



26-29 December


Light of Life Retreat

27 Feb - 2 March


Forest in Vision

30 Dec - 1 Jan


New Years Welcoming Celebration

8 - 21 January


Elements Dance

28 Jan - 9 Feb


Forest Vision Quest

9 - 12 February


Cura Healing Work

20 - 23 February


Soul Calling

6 - 9 March


Forest in Vision

12 - 24 March


Galaxy Retreat

 Please visit SOL Site for more details and pricing

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