Come to the Forest and unwind your mind,
For new channels of experience to rejuvenate your being,
Open that window to your soul and allow it fly free
For here in the Forest we hold no frames... all is Nature

We welcome you as friend and guest to our humble Forest Dwelling..

The Gateway to the Forest Retreat Center is currently offering:

Shamanic Seminars

Sound of Light Circle facilitates retreats that focus upon the study and use of
the Power Plant Medicines in sacred Ceremony,
Music as a vehicle for prayer and connection to the Divine,
Circle work that integrates and unites.
These seminars are varied in length, 1 weekend to 1 month. Alot is to be experienced during a seminar. The Circle is strong, supportive and caring. These powerful Teachers that exist in the Sacred Medicines hold keys that open the doors of our perception
and elevate our Consciousness. The work here is focused on healing, awareness and joy.

Every seminar has a unique intention and is a vast journey that brings you to a new point of manifestation in your life.

View the SOL Site for more information

Yoga Retreats

Yoga is a Divine practice of living life in full awareness. During the retreats here we venture into the study of Yoga in all its aspects.  Retreats include daily practices, meditations hours, immersing in nature and tuning into the frequency of sound for developing higher states of stillness 

Purification Intensives

These weeks focus on cleansing not only the physical body, but simultaneously the emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies as well. Through fasting and green juices, freshly prepared with organic ingredients from the land, including various vitalizing super-foods, we will energize the blissful kundalini/chi circuits and chakra's, and release accumulated wastes from our precious tissues and minds.

Florestral is an amazing place to come make a retreat, the beauty of the Forest surrounds us with its protective green mantle, swimming in the River is pure medicine for any mood, the Elements ground us, the lullaby of nature hums inside us and the warmth and embrace of a family-community provides pure love

Every morning, for whomever feels the call, we will walk to the river, where each can find and choose their after-dawn massage/vortex or dip-in pool, which wakes up and invigorates the whole body, from surface cells to bone marrow, and both relaxes and tones the muscles. 

After we will offer warm, herbal teas, and a gentle yoga session or subtle mindful movement practice, completed with a (musically) guided or silent meditation.

There will be plenty of time to rest, be yourself in nature, listen to the wind, the water, the birds, make music and sing together, read, play with the children, garden or whatever your heart is genuinely drawn to in the moment, to serve your true intention for the week.

One day will be devoted to a beautiful sweat-lodge, to be reborn into purity from that hot, dark womb, back into the light, into the flow of love and the ease of being - all pores are open now, channels for grace and gratitude.  


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