The Journey to the Forest

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In 2009 we understood for the second time that the urban life was not for us, we also longed for community but we could not find good soil in which to plant the seeds for this lifestyle.

Then the calling came, from across the seas, from the forest. Our friends were moving to Costa Rica and they invited us to join them. The calling became stronger inside us. After some time of preparing and closing we made the big jump, with a lot of trust and belief and yearning to bring ourselves to a place that our hearts agreed to call home.

We came to Costa Rica, this small land that is abundant in life, water and beauty. This land's richness is in its simplicity and in nature. Clean air and water, an abundance of food and animals and a country without an army!

This is why Costa Rica appealed so much to us!

We came here to find land, to return to a simple and truly rich way of life, growing what we need and living in freedom, joy and harmony. It took 3 years for the right land to appear. We searched and made so much effort to find the right place, yet in the right moment the land was revealed to us. At first we looked for a land with a lot of forest. Those kind of lands are generally sloping and very wet, and you need to remove trees in order to build. So we understood that planning and growing a forest cam be a wonderful part of what we want to create. So many lands in CR have been used for cattle pastures and need to be nourished and restored to their natural state.

We stayed in the valley of Las Tumbas for the last 2 years, and then one day Vismay ventured off down a small road that caught his attention. He came to a fenced property that intrigued him very much...

So began our discovery of this beautiful land with a big river and spring, a land that had been used for agriculture as well as grazing, a land that was waiting to be freed..

And this land welcomed us from the beginning with gentleness that cannot be described in words only felt...
The land offered a great natural layout to support our vision for community private houses, a retreat center, gardens and reforestation.

And so, we have arrived to the threshold of manifesting a vision into reality, we are so ready for it, with an open heart and mind, to learn to create to live..

With so much appreciation to Nature and those that are supporting this vision.

Viva the Land! Viva Florestral Vision!

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