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Florestral Forest Community is located in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. The Land is between the ciy of San Isidro General (also known as Perez Zeledon) and the beach/surfer town of Dominical. Tucked in the Valley of Las Tumbas below the ridge of the Diamante Waterfall.

Instructions from San Jose via taxi or bus

From the San Jose international airport, take a taxi to the MUSOC bus terminal (around 10-15 dollar). From there, a bus leaves every 30-60 min. to San Isidro del General / Perez Zeledon, which is a 3 hours drive, and costs 3.800 colones (7,75 dollar). 

Once in San Isidro del General / Perez Zeledon, take a taxi to the Dominical bus terminal (1.5 min., 500-800 colones; 1 or 2 dollar), or walk there, by passing the central square, continuing along the street keeping the church on your right side, and simply ask: El Terminal de Bus a Dominical por favor?
Tell the Bus driver: San Cristobal, por favor (which is a 30-35 min. drive). Once there, please call us, and we will come and pick you up.
You can also take a taxi from the San Isidro Musoc Bus Terminal, which can take you directly all the way to our home, for about 10000-12000 colones (20-24 dollar).




1) What do I need to bring along? What is useful to have?

A-If you are going to camp you need to bring your own camping equipment. Mosquito repellant, sun-protection lotion, tea-tree oil,  good shoes for walking and also easy slip-on shoes, books for reading, notebook/diary, longhi for sweatlodges, bathing suit, towel, white clothes for ceremonies, yoga mat, umbrella/raincoa

2) Do I need to bring boots, or special hiking shoes?
A-Bring comfortable shoes with good grip, hiking shoes are good and also bring sandals / slip-on shoes for moving around the hosting are. Boots can be bought in the city. They cost around $10.
3) Are there excessive amounts of mosquitos?
A- There are a variety of mosquitos, they are mostly active in the early morning and afternoon. Some people's bodies are more sensitive at first to the bites. For this we recomend using repellants and bringing tea-tree oil.
4) How is the weather in Costa Rica?
A- During the dry season (Dec- June) it is hot with occasional rains. Evenings can be cooler. We suggest bringing long clothes as extra protection from mosquitos.
During the wet season (June-Dec) temperatures flactuate. There are generally sunny mornings and rainy afternoons/evenings. The evenings can be cold. Bring a both warm and light clothes and an umbrella, raincoat, rain boots
5) Is the community vegetarian?
 A- The Retreat Center maintains a vegetarian diet. Community members are free to choose their dietary choices in their own houses
6) Are there interesting places to visit near by?
A-There are 2 incredibly beautiful waterfalls in the valley, the Nauyaca and the Diamante which aslo has a cave behind the water. The are many serene beaches to visit just 40min from the community which are possible to acces by bus.  From Uvita to Manuel Antonio. This includes great surfing spots like Dominical. There are also places offering zipline tours, river rafting, horseback riding.
7) Is Costa Rica safe? -traveller's tips
A- The nature and people of Costa Rica are very friendly. There are snakes in the forest and so being attentive is necessary.
As for crime, Costa Rica is considerably safe, in the city certain areas have more problems. Where we live we don't have any problem with crime.
8) Do you only work with psycoactive plants?
A-No, we hold yoga and juicing retreats that don't include the Power Plants. Please write to us to confirm if you prefer a retreat that is without. Sometimes Sweatlodges are without as well. 
10)Do I need to bring ecological toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, anti-insect sprays or oils etc.)?
A- Yes. Please be considerate to our enviroment. Ecological soaps are available in the city.
11)Do you offer Internet and or a computer/laptop?
A- We have wi-fi. Please bring your own laptop/device for internet.
13)Do I need to bring sun-protection lotion, a hat, sunglasses?
A-We are outdoors and walk alot so it is a good idea for people with sensitivity to the sun.
14) What kind of clothing do you recommend? 
A- Comfortable cotton clothing. Please bring a couple of long-sleeves t-shirts and pants, to prevent mosquito's from biting you at certain times of the day; white clothes for ceremonies; bring swimming suit/bikini/shorts) serong for sweatlodges, towel and shawl.
15) What kind of food items do you not provide that I might want to eat?
A-  (e.g. cheese, yoghurt, peanut butter, milk, butter, bread...)
16) Can I drink the water in Costa Rica, from the tap, and at your land?
A- The water is the taps is spring water that has been treated against bacteria. On the land we drink from the spring born on the land. This is for your own discretion.
Can I bring my pet along?
A- Please write to us directly first to discuss
What about bringing certain drugs or stimulants with me?
A- We are a center for Healing, the power plants we use are taken in ceremony and in consecration. Other influences can have negative effects upon one's process. Please write to us directly 
Can/may I drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes at your land?
A- We don't drink alcohol and we don't accept alcohol being drunk on the Land. There are specially loacted areas for smoking. We recomend bringing awareness to amounts of smoking. Smokers are expected to take care of not leaving ciggerate butts around. 
I am allergic to cats and dogs, is it okay for me to come?
A We have some of these animals on the Land. This depends on how severe is your allergy. You can write to us. This is up to your discretion.
I have a hay allergy, is it safe for me to come?
A Bring an anti-hystemine, you may or may not be allergic here
I am not fit at all, at the moment, having quite a hard time to walk, feeling physically rather weak, is it possible for me to move around and from place to place on your land?
A The land slopes gently. We have paths to all the places. It may be a little challenging for you while providing an opportuntiy to gain strength and fitness!
Should I be afraid or on the look-out for scorpions, snakes and other dangerous animals?
A- Snakes and Scorpions exist, they appear voluntarily at times. The scorpions are not poisonous. These creatures generally mind their own way and mean us no harm. the land does not have other dangerous animals.
Do you have a laundry machine, or laundry service available?
A There is a laundrey service available in town, once a week we can take laundrey in for washing
More questions?

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