Florestral Crowdfunding Campaign - Much Gratitude for the Support!-

Our crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo has ended succesfully and we are sending our deepest THANKS for all the support we have received! Without you we couldn't have done it!
We are working hard on the land and achieved truly much over the last 3 months. We are very happy to be able to receive the first guests to Florestral in our new hosting facilities!
Have a little view of what we did:

If you would like to support us and see this amazing Visionary Project manifest please contact us by email

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You can also help us by spreading the word to you friends and colleagues
All contributions go to the development of our Retreat Center for the Healing Arts and to Reforest the Land!
If you love the Forest and you love our work you can really help us!


If you feel drawn to live and work with us on the land, and you are both willing and able to contribute in any of the following fields:

- landscaping
- construction
- gardening, greenhouse, planting
- interior finishing and design (sandpapering, painting, sewing, furniture)
- kitchen/cooking/cleaning
- computer related and online work
...we dearly welcome you! 
Please let us know if you have any specific skills or relevant experience, and in what area(s) you prefer to help out. Also, we would love if you could write a little on why you would like to join us in this way, on your background, and whether or not your interested in participating in the medicine ceremonies (twice a month). 
The Volunteer Program includes working on the land while living in a spiritual community. During your stay with us we offer you rustic accommodation in a dormitory, 3 meals a day, daily music and/or meditation sessions, bi-weekly ceremonies, monthly sweat-lodges, while you commit to giving 6 hours of karma yoga (work) for 5 days a week, plus 4 hours (8 am-12pm) on Saturdays. 
During this kind of time together we integrate lifestyles and exchange ideas, creativity, wisdom and help develop the land together. 
This is a basic outline of the Volunteer Program for more information on dates, costs, and possibilities and any questions, please send us an e-mail
Hope to see you soon. 

Please click here to complete our form if you would like to be a part of the Volunteering Program



If you feel inspired by our vision, way of life and community, and you yearn for something similar for yourself, please know that there are still 5 lots available within the Florestral Land Project. 

There is plenty of potential, space and freedom to begin your own project or eco-bussiness here, and also opportunities for being involved in the retreat centre and medicine seminars (whether it's production, administration, maintenance etc.) facilitated by the Sound of Light Family.
We recommend that you come to visit and stay with us for a while, so as to begin developing relationships and trust among ourselves in daily life. Then with a natural resonance and coherence emerging between you and the other core members, it is definitely possible for you to acquire one (or more) lot(s), and become a full shareholder and co-owner of the land.
Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.