We are returning to the way of the Tribe; living in close relation to the Earth and cycles of nature, growing our own food while nourishing the land and living in close, collective and respectful relation to other human beings. 

We are creating an alternative to mass-society, the urban anonymity, isolation and alienation. We actively and consciously choose to live together as a community, while simulatenously offering each member their own space and privacy. We intend to voluntarily support one another on all levels, in terms of emerging projects, company, children, spirituality, creative expression, sharing of seeds, plants, fruits, skills and so on. Earth-based, day-to-day living relationships like this have the potential to be truly fulfilling, mutually enriching, and thus a deep feeling of belonging and solidarity can develop between us.

There are 10-12 lots of half an acre, which are owned and used by individuals or families, while the remaining 6 hectares of the land will be in the hands of the collective.

Also, we will continue to foster good connections with other farms, retreat centres and people in our valley, and the surrounding area. There exists already a network of friends, acquiantances and locals, like-minded and like-spirited souls that are cooperating in myriad ways big and small. These will benefit and hold all of us, finding strength and resilience in cooperation and exchange, hopefully making us less dependent on the exclusively commercial-monetary system.

We are envisioning a community that lives in prosperity by the grace of the land upon which we dwell and collectively take care for.  By the deep intention of peace and sharing within each person involved , through conscious communication we will create harmony and magic.

We serve the Higher well-being of humanity by living in simplicity and harmony with nature , ourselves and one another and by being a manifestation of the awakening consciousness present in our world.