Some have described cities as urban wastelands, or giant pieces of litter, because almost everything in them is man-made, regulated, and thus, in that sense, utterly artificial. Most people are cut off from their original, birthright resources as ''earthlings'', such as fresh water, non-toxic food, clean air and above all: land. Even though basic necessities seem secure and provided, it's always mediated by money, and by the bureaucratic-capitalist system. Without work and therefore an income, most of us don't own or have anything of intrinsic, or renewable value. 

In most cities, one is surrounded with and saturated by constant commercial messages, noise pollution, concrete, steel, and a generally unarticulated but persistent feeling of alienation and isolation - because living in mass society requires, to a greater or lesser degree, that we close ourselves off from each other, except a small circle of friends and family. There is simply too many people to keep truly caring about and connected with. 

We experience a lack of being held in the web of life, in it's diversity, and growing beauty. Around us dead things and machines dominate the landscape, and few really feel at home, at ease, and safe, because nature is no longer the background and nurturing womb of our continued existence.

Living in community fulfills our ancient and instinctive longing to belong, to be held in a soothing social matrix of family and friends, all generously supporting each other, whether by deep listening, loving speech, a hug, a smile, eye-contact, or whatever form of care, intuition and intelligence (spontaneously) comes through us.

That's why we have chosen to live in community, and to live on the land - to become more and more autonomous, and self-sufficient. This is about reclaiming our power, and about creating lasting value, surplus, thanks to the Earth, to the Water and our own diligent, daily efforts.

Returning the Land to Nature

Returning to a more symbiotic and harmonious relationship with the Earth, the natural cycles of life and death – sun, rain, spring, soil and wind – we intend to carefully reforest our land, which has been used as a cow pasture for the past several decades. For this, most trees were cut, and only a single type of highly-competitive grass was allowed to thrive. 

Now, with intelligent permaculture principles and intuitive-organic common sense, we will plant a great variety of fruit and nut trees, as well as green bamboo, sustainable timber species, nitrogen-fixers to increase overal fertility, and many shrubs and bushes that share their beautiful flowers and smells.

Thus, mixed food forests, medicinal herb gardens and vegetable beds shall emerge, regenerating the original bio-diverse ecosystem, creating micro-climates for wildlife, and offering healthy nourishment all around us.

With the landscape gently waking up, finding it's own depth and wealth once again, , our senses will also spontaneously start re-dediscovering their delightful receptivity and pure potential for being-at-one-with-the-world, flowing into and out of us. 

In this way, the land will be a true life-giver and –sustainer, providing all basic needs of our embodied existence: water, food, shelter, medicine, fresh air. 

Alternative Energy and Eco-friendly living solutions

In practical terms, we intend and plan to provide for electricity with hydro-power, installing turbine-systems along the strong river that forms the bottom border of Florestral. Gas, in the future, is most likely going to come from one or more bio-digesters, producing free, natural, local methane, used in cooking.

Showers will be fed by rainwater-catchment tanks, and also by water pumped-up from the river with an ingenious RAM-pump – gravity does the rest.

Dry toilets are an integral part of the 'no-waste'-strategy, where our excrements, once properly composted, complete the cycle by returning to the earth (e.g. around the base of fruit trees) whence it came. 

In this intricate and intimate balance, as human beings we realize our interdependence with and embeddedness in the living, breathing environment around and within us, every day, with each sunrise, with each sunset. In this growing awareness, joy, gratitude and love are born, in our heart, and in the heart of the landscape, which will beat as one.