We have created this land-based Retreat Center to give people the opportunity to experience the healing vibration of the Forest and Spirit-centered Community Life while participating in transformative and soul-nourishing retreats.

We have a humble living space that includes cabins and camping area, ecological showers and toilets, a beautiful central kitchen and dining area. The Forest Temple is where our sacred activities (like yoga, meditations, ceremonies, group sharings and so on) take place. 

Our Retreat Centre offers a variety of seminars, retreats and workshops that range from a single weekend to a month, throughout the year. All are in the spirit of sacred quest, healing, joy and truth.

We facilitate :

Shamanic Seminars 

During these intention-focused seminars we hold guided journeys using the sacred medicine plants in Ceremonial Rituals.

Participants take part in a series of guided ceremonies, workshops, and integration circles as well as daily meditations and music study. 

Yoga Retreats

Revolving around the wellness of the body, the quiet mind and the splendor of spirit, we venture into a study of Yoga while immersing ourselves in the tranquility of the forest.

Purification Intensives 

These weeks focus on cleansing not only the physical body, but simultaneously the emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies as well. Through fasting and green juices, freshly prepared with organic ingredients from the land, including various vitalizing super-foods, we will energize the blissful kundalini/chi circuits and chakra's, and release accumulated wastes from our precious tissues and minds.

Volunteer programs

The opportunity to live in community and work on the land, contributing to the development of the project and receiving knowledge and experience in permaculture and sustainability.

Natural Rejuvenation 

The land is a sanctuary for deep relaxation, contemplation, celebration, sharing, being with nature, so we also invite people to come stay at our Center and simply Be, transmit and receive.

Our Practice of connection in the Forest

Every morning, for whomever feels the call, we will walk to the river, where each can find and choose their after-dawn massage/vortex or dip-in pool, which wakes up and invigorates the whole body, from surface cells to bone marrow, and both relaxes and tones the muscles. 

After we will offer warm, herbal teas, and a gentle yoga session or subtle mindful movement practice, completed with either musically guided or silent meditation. 

There will be plenty of time to rest, be yourself in nature, listen to the wind, the water, the birds, make music and sing together, read, play with the children, garden or whatever your heart is genuinely drawn to in the moment, to serve your true intention for the week.

We devote a day to partake in a beautiful sweat-lodge, to be reborn into purity from that hot, dark womb, back into the light, into the flow of love and the ease of being - all pores are open now, channels for grace and gratitude. 

Come join us at Florestral and experience the soft touch of the Forest that will rejuvenate and replenish your soul, body and mind