The land is like an open canvas on which, together, we are painting this beautiful and revealing vision.

Living as a Medicine Community in the Forest came to us in a vision, which, ever since, kept igniting in our hearts - and now it is manifesting. As this happens, new ideas, that we would love to co-create here in the future, are born. 

We have immediate plans for realising our Hosting Facilities and Retreat Center, near-future plans for further developments on the land and a large open mind and heart for new ideas and visions that will reveal and present themselves.

Our Current Projects

  • We are, right now, in the pioneering phase of development of this Land. The primary priorities are: 
  • Creating and building a hosting area, which includes 4-5 guest cabins, a kitchen/dining area, ecological showers and toilets, preparing spots for camping and making walking paths
  • Clearing, cleaning and improving the soil in our first greenhouse, building raised beds and working tables, as well as starting seed trays, in order to begin growing a lot of organic greens, herbs and vegetables for the up-coming seminar season
  • The Temple for our spiritual activities shall be erected once we gather sufficient funds
  • Establishing a drinking water circuit (pipes, tank, pump) from our spring to the hosting area

Next Developments

  • Improving the road
  • Preparing larger plots of land and a nursery for the planting season in April, May, June (e.g. Banana groove, Yuca patches, passion fruit vine, corn, rice, sweet potato, ginger, turmeric, the first round of fruit trees, bamboo species, nitrogen fixers etc.)
  • Constructing a chicken-house (for eggs, manure, weed and pest control services), possibly a place for 4-5 goats (for organic yoghurt, milk and cheese)
  • Improving and extending paths and walkways through the land
  • Installing long-term water solutions (RAM-pump and hydro-power systems) for agriculture, showers, kitchen, electricity etc. 
  • Reforestation efforts

Future Projects

Sound of Light Music Studio

A recording studio in the Forest that goes beyond the microphone, joining great musicians, creating music for mediation and healing  

Zipline to the River

Yippee! A fun project envisioned by the children. The Zipline will run on the Southern most side of the land going downhill to land in the river. At this point on the river there is a big pool that remains deep enough throughout the year regardless of the season changes.

Horse Stables

Some of our members have a great love for Horses! So we will create a horse stable on the land. In the future we envision creating a small center for therapeuitc healing with the horses. 

Most of these intentions and hopes are still in the the stage of aspiring and imagining, and thus receptive towards new suggestions, colors, and inspiration. If you have other plans or intuitions for potential projects at the land, please know that we are more than willing to listen - there is plenty of space and opportunities in this regard.