Rising In Love
to Jul 10

Rising In Love

Learning to Walk in Beauty through love, compassion, forgiveness and with faith

Opening our hearts to receive the healing, vision and mystery from the sacred medicine plants, Mother Nature and Yoga. Join us in the Forest for a vivid personal journey inward to discover the mystery and love existing within you. Ceremony Schedule: To enhance our personal meeting with the Sacred Medicine we receive guidance for integration through the practice of yoga and connecting with our personal allies in Nature.

 Ceremony Schedule:

Monday 1st – Arrival and Welcome
Wednesday 3rd - Ayahuasca Meditation
Friday 5th – Gentle Yoga and evening Ayahuasca Ceremony
Saturday 6th – Ayahuasca Ceremony
Tuesday 9th – Medicine Sweatlodge Ceremony with San Pedro
Wednesday 10th – Departure


Shared accommodations $790
Private room single $1060
Private room for couple $1240 ($620 each)
Camping $655

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Astral Gateway
to Jul 30

Astral Gateway

Discover the true vibrational energy of the Universe

What is this Astral World...this heavenly realm of Light and indestructible life? Connect, and discover the true vibrational energy of the Universe, which lies behind the veil of the material world. 

Ceremony Schedule:

July 25th - Arrival
July 26th - Ceremony
July 27th - Ceremony
July 29th - Sweatlodge
July 30th - Departure hugs

Camping (gear not included) - $435
Shared accommodations - $510
Private accommodations - $660

Price includes accommodations, 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily, and Ceremony

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Summer Solstice Feitio
to Jun 24

Summer Solstice Feitio

Come and be a part of this magical alchemy as we honor the power of Solstice and brew the Sacred Medicine of the Forest.

Learn the secrets of this ancient ritual as we harvest the Jagube vine and the Rainha leaves from our Land. Join in the preparation, cooking, and drinking of the Sacred Medicine during this potent time of fertility, celebration and self-expression...a time to open our hearts to the light and embrace the vibrancy of nature. 

Ceremony Schedule:
Wed June 12 Arrival
Sat June 15 Ayahuasca Meditation
Sun June 16 Ceremony
Mon June 17 Full Moon Ceremony
Wed June 19 Sweatlodge
Sat June 22 Ayahuasca Ceremony
Sun June 23 Integration and Music Circle
Sat June 24 Departure


Camping: $850
Shared: $1030
Private: $1390

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Elements Dance
to May 28

Elements Dance

20th May 2019 - 28th May 2019

Exploring the 4 Sacred Elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth through our experiential journey with the Sacred Medicines

The Elements are the building blocks of the Universe and our world. Through intentional Ceremony and with the Sacred Plant Medicines lets connect deeper to the Elements and understand their power and potential in guiding and healing us.

Ceremony Schedule:
May 20 Arrival and Welcome
May 21 Immersion into nature, yoga program 
May 22 Yoga program, Evening Ayahuasca Meditation
May 23 Waterfall hike
May 24 Ayahuasca Ceremony
May 25 Ayahuasca Ceremony
May 26 Integration Circle
May 27 Elements Dance Sweatlodge Ceremony
May 28 Departure and goodbye hugs

Camping $630
Shared accomodations $750
Private accomodations $990

Prices include 8 nights accommodation with vegetarian meals and all Ceremonies.

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Honey Comb Retreat
to May 16

Honey Comb Retreat

Harvesting our intentions to create sweet truth

During this retreat we will delve into Honeycomb rituals & therapeutics facilitated by Kris and Kaylee, that will include Bodywork, a partner Thai massage workshop, arts and crafts and a blue clay jungle spa session, along with Yoga and meditation sessions all to activate our inner healing experience. We will make our Spirit Plant journeys during two Ayahuasca Ceremonies and a Medicine Sweatlodge facilitated by Sound of Light Circle. Supported by a loving circle and the tranquility and power of nature we intend to sweetly open our wings to take flight together. 

Ceremony Schedule:

May 10th -Midday Arrival and welcome to the Center. Evening meditation.
May 11th - Morning yoga and Honeycomb therapeutic sessions. Evening Ayahuasca Ceremony
May 12th - Ayahuasca Ceremony
May 13th - Honeycomb therapeutic sessions and Sharing Circle
May 14th -Morning visit to the local market. Sweatlodge with San Pedro
May 15th - Blue clay jungle spa session. Honeycomb therapeutic sessions. Integration circle
May 16th - Morning Yoga. Departure and goodbye hugs


This retreat has two options
Join the group as they arrive to San Jose and travel together to the SOL retreat center. 
Or arrive to SOL retreat center on your own. Please contact us for details.

The full package includes
-Hotel the first night in San Jose
-6 nights stay at Sound of Light Retreat Center
-Delicious healthy and cleansing vegetarian meals with locally sourced fruits and vegetables
-2 Ayahuasca ceremonies
-1 medicine sweat lodge
-Visit to the ocean
-Day trip to the local organic artisan farmer’s market
-Daily yoga & meditation sessions
-Honeycomb rituals & therapeutics
-Arts & Crafts
-Partner Thai massage workshop
-Blue clay jungle spa session 
-Hotel last night (in Manuel Antonio OR San Jose)
-Transportation from Sound of Light to SJO OR Manuel Antonio

Does not include:
-Flight (book your arrival for 5/9 and departure 5/17 to and from SJO - San Jose, Costa Rica)
-Taxi to hotel upon arrival (about $10)
-Travel insurance
-Snacks (we will have an opportunity to stock up on the way to the center)

$1275 Shared Room
$1425 Private Room
$1175 Camping (bring your own tent and camping gear)

There are alternative pricing options for couples -
If you plan to share a bed with somebody, please let us know.

**Price for just accommodations, ceremonies and meals:

6 nights stay, Ceremonies May 11 + 12 and Sweat Lodge May 15

$460 camping 
$550 shared accomodations
$730 private
$1160 couple private ($580 each)

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Ancient Wisdom – Yoga Retreat & Ancient Medicine Teachings with Sweat Lodge
to Apr 9

Ancient Wisdom – Yoga Retreat & Ancient Medicine Teachings with Sweat Lodge

Join us for this powerful healing and learning seminar, mixing the ancient teachings of Yoga with the deep wisdom of the Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel to find more guidance, direction and Truth.

Daily yoga practices will integrate Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin styles of yoga, in order to offer the tools that each of us may need to live a strong and vibrant life with intention. In the Medicine Wheel workshop, we will seek the guidance of the animal and plant teachers to show us more about the directions of our lives, and yogic workshops will bring discussions about the Truth of the Mind, the Illusion of Reality and how this knowledge can lead us towards the expression of our True Essence within! This is a space to shed light on the path towards your Highest Self.

 Ceremony Schedule:

April 5 – arrival day, welcome dinner

April 6 – Yoga Practice + Yogic Teachings + Medicine Wheel Workshop + Spirit Animal Drum Journey

April 7 – Sweat Lodge Purification ceremony with San Pedro Medicine, with teachings on this sacred practice 

April 8 – Yoga Practice + Yogic Teachings to integrate the purification and healing work

April 9 – Early morning yoga practice + departure

The cost for this program is:

Camping $290 
Shared $350 
Private $470 
$740 for a couple, private room ($370 each) 

Includes 4 nights accommodation and all meals, 1 medicine sweat lodge with San Pedro, Yoga program, Yoga workshops and Medicine Wheel workshop.

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Yoga Teacher Training
to Apr 20

Yoga Teacher Training

Join Molly Warner and the Soul Ascension Shamanic Empowerment Team for your 200-hour Yoga Alliance Destination Yoga Teacher Training

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to teach yoga in a confident, knowledgeable, and empowered way, as well as those who would like to simply deepen their yoga practice with hands-on training in adjustments, alignment, sequence-planning, philosophy, history and more! During this training, you will be supported by working with sacred healing plants of the amazon rainforest to open, cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit, to live healthy, whole, happy and FREE! You will enjoy daily yoga, meditation, healing and detoxifying foods that will revitalize your mind, body and spirit; while learning to give back to yourself in a loving and connected way to allow your truest, brightest and bravest self to shine! We will work with the divine, and on the spirit level of each person, deepening your connection with our community of humanity.  You will learn to find love within yourself and to depend on yourself ONLY as the source of INFINITE LOVE. Invite your BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST SELF to come alive, shine and be seen! This is the source of your power and the embodiment of your own inner passion and zest for life. Allow YOURSELF to rise up and be everything that YOU need in this world, because everything that YOU need, is within you!

GENERAL DAILY SCHEDULE (varying slightly each day)

6:00-8:00am . Yoga & Meditation
8:15am . Breakfast
9:30am - 1:30pm . Morning Session (philosophy, anatomy, history, readings + discussions)
1:30pm . Lunch
3:00pm - 6:00pm . Afternoon Session (practice teaching, sequencing work, hands-on adjustments, and more!!)
6:00pm . Closing meditation, Kirtan (music & chanting), assigning readings for the evening
7:30pm . Dinner
8:30pm onward: readings, assignments, rest


All course instruction leading to full Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour certification
In-country transportation - Group transport from SJO airport to Florestral hosting center on April 1 and return group transport on April 20 at a set time and meeting location.
All meals - healthy, vegan and delicious! (see below for meal exceptions on arrival and departure day)
Soul Ascension 200-hour Course Manual will be given on first day of class
YOGA ANATOMY by Leslie Kaminoff (the required reading) IS INCLUDED FOR THE FIRST 12 STUDENTS TO REGISTER
Two healing plant medicine ceremonies
One purifying sweat lodge ceremony
Beach and Organic Market Excursion!
Full support throughout the course and onwards in your yoga teaching career and personal spiritual journey

Your flight or travel to and from Costa Rica - we recommend arriving to San Jose airport (Juan Santamaría International Airport - SJO) before noon on April 1. Plan flights to leave Costa Rica no earlier than 5pm on April 20 to allow for a smooth departure and sufficient time to reach the airport and check in. You may also choose to stay longer to enjoy this beautiful country and all it has to offer!
Any personal excursions or shopping that you wish to do on days off
Breakfast and lunch on April 1 (arrival day - dinner included)
Lunch and dinner on April 20 (departure day - breakfast included)

For more details visit:
http://www.soulascensionhealingarts.com/costa-rica-yogawaska-200-ytt-april-1-20-2019We are happy to offer a discounted price for applicants through the SOL Circle Family:

Camping: $2200

Shared Accommodations: $2700

Private Accommodations: $3300

Private Room, Semi Private Bathroom, Forest Balcony: $3600

To book with these special prices, please contact us by emailing: info@solcircle.org

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Over The Rainbow
to Mar 25

Over The Rainbow

A celebration of Sacred Medicine and Music for Vismay's final retreat

Join us for this magical Equinox celebration as we travel across a rainbow of music and medicine. After 18 years of Medicine Service, Vismay reaches 1000 ceremonies and this festival will be the last one that he will facilitate for a while.

Ceremony Schedule:

Don't miss out on this promising and fantastic journey! Vismay is preparing a journey of a lifetime for this occasion. We will hold 4 Sacred Medicine Ceremonies and a dance party
Together let's go explore vastly the Divine Sound and travel through the spectrum of color and light, to sing and celebrate until the New Dawn!

18 March - Arrival and welcome

The Medicine Ceremony passage will be 19,20,21 and 22 of March.

24 March - Awesome dance party
25 March - Departure

Welcome to stay with us longer, message u for information

$575 camping | $680 shared | $890 single private 
$1460 private couple ($715 each)

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Forest In Vision
to Mar 12

Forest In Vision

A Medicine weekend gathering after Envision Festival

We welcome you to our Forest Sanctuary for a profound journey into the mystery of your being, guided by the Sacred Plant Medicines and our supportive healing circle. Integrate your experiences, and the teachings that you have received into wisdom rising deep from your inner knowing. From this place of clarity and grounding, you will be ready to walk forward on your path, and may all our steps come from Love. Aho! 

Ceremony Schedule:

We begin with a cleansing and grounding sweatlodge ceremony to humble and pray together. This is a great preparation for our meeting with the Ayahuasca. Our journey will be accompanied with an integrative yoga program. Enjoy bathing in the beautiful Diamante River, immersing in Nature and socializing with fellow travelers.

Thu 7 – Arrival day
Fri 8 – Yoga program and Sweatlodge purification Ceremony
Sat 9 – Ayahuasca Ceremony
Sun 10 – Ayahuasca Ceremony
Mon 11 – Yoga program and Integration Circle
Tue 12 – Departure

Shared accommodations $510
Private room single $660
Private room for couple $ 1070 ($535 each)
Camping $435 

These prices include 5 nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals, 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Medicine Sweatlodge
and the yoga program

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Soul Calling
to Feb 27

Soul Calling

Our pre-Envision Medicine Retreat

Follow the calling from within you, take the step into the unknown, discover the Mystery and dance to the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heartbeat, she is beating just for you… By the humbleness of our heartfelt intentions and the power of the Sacred Plant Medicines, we open our consciousness to experience and receive truth, healing and love. 

Ceremony Schedule:

Thu 21 – Arrival and Welcome
Fri 22 – River day and talking Circle
Sat 23 – Ayahuasca Ceremony
Sun 24 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Mon 25 – Rest day and Sharing Circle
Tue 26 – Sweatlodge Ceremony
Wed 27 – Departure

Shared accommodations $520
Private room single $700
Private room for couple $1100 ($550 each)
Camping $430

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Vision Quest
to Feb 20

Vision Quest

Our most deep immersion into the Spirit realm for profound healing and self-discovery

Reaching deep within to find Truth and receive Healing. Those brave and humble enough to hear the calling will spend four days and nights with us in silence at the riverside in solitude in the sacred space of the Vision Quest. With ceremonies to open and close the Vision Quest and a Sweat Lodge for purification, each evening of the Quest itself will end with powerful song circles by the fire to bring integration for all that has passed. Receive the teachings, healings and activations that your soul is calling for as you rise up to new heights of Truth and Harmony within - and for this, the time is Now. This Quest is for those with strong dedication and is not for the faint-hearted. 

Ceremony Schedule:

This retreat is an all encompassing journey, as we meet one another and the Medicine in the first Ceremony and set our intentions. We then move down to the Quest camp beside the River where we stay for 4 days in silence. Each participant has their personal space for questing and there is a central fire that stays lit during the whole quest. Participants drink different kinds of Ayahuasca all throughout the day. There are helpers available. In the evenings the circle gathers around the fire to sing medicine songs and integrate the day. The whole quest is held without speaking. We end the river quest by going through the Sweatlodge purification ceremony at sunrise and then return to the Retreat center and the accommodations to rest, integrate and eat well. The final ceremony is very important in wrapping up the journey of the quest and is a part of the integration process. 
This retreat requires full commitment.

Fri 8 – Arrival and Welcome
Sat 9 – Yoga program and Talking Circle
Sun 10 – Ayahuasca Ceremony
Mon 11 – Yoga program and resting
Tue 12 – Moving down to the river
Wed 13-Sat 16 – Vision Quest in silence beside the river. 
Sat 16 – Sunrise Sweatlodge Ceremony with San Pedro, leave from the River
Sun 17 – Integrative Yoga program and Talking Circle
Mon 18 – Closing Ayahuasca Ceremony 
Tue 19 – Yoga and final Integration Circle
Wed 20 – Departure


Shared accommodations $1290
Private room single $1650
Private room for couple $2700 ($1350 each)
Camping $1110

These prices include accommodation, meals and the whole program with the ceremonies, Vision Quest, yoga sessions and sweatlodge

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Yoga Detox Retreat
to Feb 8

Yoga Detox Retreat

A holistic guided cleansing retreat

Join us at our Forest Sanctuary for this special body and soul purification program - a holistic guided cleansing retreat. Helping our bodies to heal and gently cleanse and stimulate our overall sense of well being. 

Ceremony Schedule:
The retreat will include:
-A guided dietary plan that eases us into cleansing and gently brings us out into balance.
-A vegan, gluten-free diet, combined from whole and healing foods, organic vegetables and fruits, including detoxifying juices and smoothies.
-A daily yoga program blending Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini and Yin for enhancing physical strength and cleansing.
-Sound Healing and Fire Purification ceremonies
-2 sweatlodge Ceremonies
-1 Ayahuasca Ceremony

Thu Jan 31 – Arrival and Welcome circle
Fri Feb 1 – Detox Yoga program, workshop with an intro to the cleansing foods, Fire Ceremony to burn away the old
Sat 2 – Juice and Smoothie cleanse and Sweat Lodge
Sun 3 – Yoga Program and Juice detox day , Sound Healing Journey in the Fire Temple
Mon 4 – Gentle Yoga and Sacred Talking Circle, Medicine Dieta , Ayahuasca Ceremony
Tue 5 – Yoga Program and Integration Circle
Wed 6 - Juice and Smoothie cleanse, Medicine Sweatlodge with San Pedro
Thu 7 – Yoga Program and Closing of the Cleanse
Fri 8 – Departure or stay and continue to the Vision Quest 

This program is recommended as an excellent preparation for the Vision Quest

Shared accommodations $920
Private room single $1160
Private room for couple $1920 ($960 each)
Camping $800

These prices include 8 nights accommodation, Vegan organic and healing meals, juicing program, 1 Ayahuasca Ceremony, 2 Sweatlodge Ceremonies
the Mushroom journey and the yoga program

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Rising In Love
to Jan 29

Rising In Love

Learning to Walk in Beauty through love, compassion, forgiveness and with faith

Opening our hearts to receive the healing, vision and mystery from the sacred medicine plants, Mother Nature and Yoga. Join us in the Forest for a vivid personal journey inward to discover the mystery and love existing within you. 

Ceremony Schedule:

To enhance our personal meeting with the Sacred Medicine we receive guidance for integration through the practice of yoga and connecting with our personal allies in Nature. This intimate retreat will be facilitated by Netaya and Molly.

Thu 24 – Arrival and welcome
Fri 25 - Morning Yoga, Spirit animal workshop and evening Ayahuasca Ceremony
Sat 26 – Gentle Yoga and evening Ayahuasca Ceremony
Sun 27 – Day for rest day, Yoga program and Sharing Circle
Mon 28 – Medicine Sweatlodge Ceremony with San Pedro
Tue 29 – DeparturePrices:

Shared accommodations $560
Private room single $710
Private room for couple $ 1170 ($585 each)
Camping $485 

These prices include 5 nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals, 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Medicine Sweatlodge
and the yoga program and the Medicine Wheel Workshop

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Lunar Eclipse
to Jan 23

Lunar Eclipse

Experiencing the potent force of the Moon at the Sacred Fire Temple

Join us in the Forest for this auspicious celestial event as we experience the power and beauty of the full moon as it goes into Eclipse. The 2 nights of Ceremony will be held around the Sacred Fire of Shiva at the Fire Temple. 

Ceremony Schedule:

The program for this weekend will include 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, a yoga program and Meditation service at the Fires Temple. The Ayahuasca ceremonies will be held at the Fire Temple. The Lunar Eclipse will take place between 20- 21 January and will start at 9pm until 1am. It will be visible from the Fire Temple while we are in Ceremony. We will close the retreat with a purifying and grounding Medicine Sweatlodge.

Thu 17 - Arrival after mid-day and Welcome
Fri 18 - Fire Service in the morning and afternoon. Yoga program and talking circles
Sat 19 - Ayahuasca Ceremony 
Sun 20 - Gentle Yoga & Lunar Eclipse Ayahuasca Ceremony 
Mon 21 - Vismay’s Re-Birthday
Tue 22 - Medicine Sweat Lodge Ceremony
Wed 23 - Rest day with Yoga program & Closing Integration Circle
Thu 24 - Departure


Shared accommodations $730
Private Single $950
Private Couple $1530 ($765 each)
Camping $625

These prices include 7 nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals, 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Medicine Sweatlodge
and the yoga program.

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WokeAF Toronto Retreat
to Jan 16

WokeAF Toronto Retreat

A WokeAF and SOL Circle production

This 8-day retreat will be co-faciltated by Sol Circle and WokeAf. 

Ceremony Schedule:

An 8-day retreat with 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, a sweatlodge, Fire Ceremonies hosted by SOL Circle and a yoga program and sound healing sessions facilitated by instructors of WokeAf from Canada. The retreat will also have 2 organized day trips that will include a tour to a nearby eco-agricultural farm, visiting the local organic market and a beach day at the Manuel Antonio National Park. 

There is also an optional possibility available to only participate in the Medicine Ceremony program - contact us for detailsThere are 2 packages available for this retreat.

1. Joining the whole retreat and participating in the WokeAf program which includes 2 organized day trips
2. Joining only the Medicine Ceremonies which includes lodging and meals

Please email us for details

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New Years Celebration
to Jan 2

New Years Celebration

Experiencing the transition of the Solar year during this intentional retreat

A wonder-filled experience for spending New Years Eve! We will hold 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies on the 30th and 31st December that will bring us into the dawning of 2019. Followed by a Medicine Sweatlodge Ceremony to purify and ground our intentions into the core of our being. 

Ceremony Schedule:

Sat 29 Dec - Arrival & Welcome 
Sun 30 Dec - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Mon 31 Dec - Gentle Yoga & New Year’s Eve Ayahuasca Ceremony
Tue 1 Jan- Day of rest with gentle Yoga session and afternoon Integration Circle
Wed 2 Jan - Departure

Shared accommodation $430
Private accommodation single $550 
Private for Couple $900 ($450 each)
Camping $370 

These prices include 4 nights accommodation, 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, the yoga program

If you would like to join the Mushroom Dance party on the 28 Dec add $40 + 1 extra night @ your room type

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Festivities Of Light
to Jan 2

Festivities Of Light

A celebration in the Forest with the Sun, Moon and Stars

December holds a feeling of celebration at a time when various global festivities of light are occurring and as the year comes to a close, it is a great time for letting go and opening for the new. You are invited to join us in the Forest, in our community of many cultures and in a Medicine Way, as we too celebrate and receive from this Festive time of Light and Hope. 

Ceremony Schedule:
There will be 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, a sweatlodge with San Pedro and a Mushroom Tea free-dance party. We will also have an integrative yoga program, sharing circles, music making, fire circles. Enjoy the sanctuary of our Forest Center, being immersed in Nature, exploring the River and bathing in it's crystal waters taking solitude or enjoying the company of like-minded travelers

December 24 – Arrival day and Welcome
December 25 – Yoga program & Christmas Lunch 
December 26 – Daytime Ayahuasca Ceremony 
December 27 – Sweatlodge Ceremony with San Pedro
December 28 - Yoga Program & Mushroom Dance Party
December 30 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
December 31 - Yoga Program & New Year’s Eve Ayahuasca Ceremony
January 1 - Resting day with Gentle Yoga Program and Integration Circle
January 2 - Departure

$745 camping | $880 shared | $1150 single private 
$1850 private couple ($925 each)

These prices include 9 nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals, 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Medicine Sweatlodge, the Mushroom journey and the yoga program

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Solstice Feitio
to Dec 23

Solstice Feitio

As the Solstice portal opens, we will be cooking the Sacred Medicine in the Forest

The Solstice is a day of mystery and potency. It is a period of time that opens a powerful gateway to the Astral. Since ancient times cultures have recognized and honored the time of the Solstice for ritual, setting intentions and celebration. At SOL Circle we choose this time for cooking the sacred medicinal brew of Ayahuasca.. Join us for the Feitio, as together we harvest the sacred plants from our land and devotionally prepare the brew that gives us this truly Divine Nectar. Learn about the Medicine Path and receive inner sight, healing and wisdom, and offer your deepest intentions for our global transformation to be realized. The Feitio is the traditional Santo Daime way of preparing Ayahuasca. It is a process of 10 days. It is a beautiful communal collaboration as we all work together to realize this medicine from beginning to end and enjoy the opportunity to drink from the brew that we make.… if you would like to learn and are willing to help with the preparations of the plants please write to us!

Ceremony Schedule:

We will be harvesting the leaves as from December 8
Thur 13 - Arrival and Welcome
Fri 14 – Sun 23 - Harvest, preparation and cooking
Sat 15 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Mon 17 - Sweatlodge Ceremony without medicine
Tue 18 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Fri 21 & Sat 22 - Full Moon Solstice Ceremonies 
Sun 23 - Integration Circle
Mon 24 - Departure

Shared accommodations $990
Private Single $1320 | 
Private couple $2090 ($1045 each)
Camping $825 

Prices include 11 nights accommodation, vegetarian meals, 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Sweatlodge and Yoga program

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to Sep 25


In Sacred Circle and the Power Plant Medicines, we tune into the frequency emanating from the stars

The Equinox marks the shift in Seasons. It is also the day when both night and day are equal in length. The Equinox opens a portal to the Universe ,it is a special time for receiving from this cosmic transmission through the power of the Sacred Medicines, Intentions and Sacred Circling. 

Ceremony Schedule:

Thur 20 Arrival and Welcome
Fri 21 Sweatlodge
Sat 22 Ayahuasca Ceremony
Sun 23 Ayahuasca Ceremony
Mon 24 Integration Circle
Tue 25 DeparturePRICE:

Shared Accomodation $450
Private Accomodation $610

Price includes 4 nights accommodations, 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily, and all Ceremonies.

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