"I arrived to Florestral late at night, with the 40 degrees fever and I knew no-one there. It was amazing to be accepted with so much love, caring and nourishment from people, I’ve never met before.
I enjoyed the life in this amazing forest and beautiful community- volunteering, working with the earth, sitting and singing together in the circle with the big Florestral family, drinking medicine, going to the river, playing with kids, going to the farmer’s market on Tuesdays, meeting the whole community that lives around the valley.
Florestral changed my life. They opened my eyes in this beautiful process and I am so, so, so grateful for that.
I was looking for a change in my life and this was exactly what I needed and it was given to me in such loving way and supportive space.
Now whoever I meet, I tell them if they are going to Costa Rica, “there is a beautiful place, just go there!” I tell everyone to go there. I hope, people will listen to me, because this is a place to heal your soul and open your heart and just to be present with your process and nature and family. Thank you, Florestral!"

Tamar from Israel

Thank you, Nicole, and all the Florestral family for this last week. I haven’t been shown this much kindness and love from complete strangers in a long time. And thank you and Pachamama for helping guide the way to helping me start healing myself and guiding me towards the light. Florestral is a magical place and I plan on coming back as soon as I can!! Viva la florestral!

MB Greer