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Florestral Community is located in the lush Forest of Southwestern Costa Rica. We live, work and play in a beautiful location that is abundant in nature, with fertile land and immense potential for growth and expansion. We are an open-hearted community based on friendship and service to Great Spirit, and we are blessed to provide a supportive ground for healing and self-transformation through a deeper discovery of love and oneself. 

Our work is based on the creation of Sacred Music and Sound Healing.

At Florestral, we are working to establish a new way of life outside of the societal status quo. Our focus is to become a fully self-sustained village, living off the grid, growing our own food, and even challenging the paradigm of currency with our own coin.

Our community is made up of a diverse, international group of permanent residents who have built homes on their private lots within the land, a large crew of full time staff and volunteers, and a retreat center where we host visitors from around the world take part in our special way of life.

Florestral Retreat Center offers beautifully planned retreats year-round, in our comfortable accommodations, with optional yoga programs, sacred medicine ceremonies, and nourishing, locally grown meals. We also serve as a hosting center for those who are inspired to lead their own retreats in our beautiful space.

Whether it is as a guest, a facilitator, a volunteer or a resident of Florestral, we welcome you to join us in the Forest!



Medicine song circle that facilitates healing ceremonies with the sacred visionary plants.



As our vision expands, so do our projects! At Florestral, we are always working towards expansion!

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