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We welcome you to experience living in our heart-centered community in the Forest. Reconnect to Mother Nature in her majestic beauty and the Elements and feel your soul awakening!

Our cozy cabins are available for shared living or private stay. We have communal showers and composting toilet facilities. Vegetarian meals are shared at our central dining area. Our Temple space holds weekly meditations, talking circles workshops and yoga. Enjoy learning music, swimming in the river, quiet reflection time or social interacting with like-minded souls..

Each Retreat, Seminar and Workshop has it's own program and pricing.

Click here to see our retreat schedule.

You are welcome to stay with us between retreats as well.

$40/night for a shared cabin

$70/night for private cabin

$90/night for a private room for a couple

$30/night camping (bring your own camping gear)

These prices include 3 vegetarian meals daily

You can write to us through the form to confirm availability.