We choose to live close to Mother Earth and in Community, learning the way of harmony through respect, freedom and compassion, acknowledging the Divinity that exists within us and in all.

All of us that form the current core group of community members were born and raised in the city. A sense of gradually intensified yearning and the experience of not being satisfied with this quality of life has brought us to the forest, in search of a higher frequency of living. We don't want to be exposed to constant information waves and influences and pollution in its many forms. We want to live in community where we know our neighbors as friends that we trust and who support a common vision and practice of awareness. 

On the land we live in an ever-expanding ecologically conscious way, searching and creating more ways for sustainability and less imprint, using less, growing more, trading, sharing and recycling.The land has enough space for each member and shareholder to own a private lot on which to build his/her own home and garden and maintain privacy. The majority of the Land is shared, a part being the Retreat Center and the remainder being cultivated for food and herbal gardens, re-growing the forest and other creative projects.

As members of community or of this tribe , we are also in the constant practice of expanding our own consciousness , to be more sensitive and attentive , to give as well as to receive. We hold sacred space for circling , where real communication can happen and visions realized. Each member can be as active in the community as desired. We respect and enjoy the lifestyle and culture of each person, and among ourselves there is a harmonious agreement of and intention to live in this ecologically conscious way. 

We have our greatest Teacher in Nature, which surrounds us and gently embraces us with protection and guidance.