Fire Temple

The Babaji fire temple was erected and opened in january, 2018.

The Fire Temple is a reverent space of worship, prayer, purification and ceremony in honor of one of our Sacred masters, the Mahavatar Babaji of Haidakhan, Master of Karma Yoga. the temple,designed by a beloved friend; Roni, is shaped in the form of a lotus flower and in the center is the sacred Dooni (fire pit) that is held by the 8 arms of the Divine mother. Weekly fire service ceremonies at both dawn and dusk are held in this Temple, bringing the community members together to realign and purify through the alchemy of the elements and intention, surrendering the ego and reminding us of our path of self-awareness, gratitude and service.

Vismay has been devoted to Babaji for over 2o years.during a visit to India in 2016, vismay stayed with his daughter luaya at the haidakhan ashram, and there he received the vision and promise of the fire temple as well as the exact location in florestral. The sacred temple stands gracefully on a hilltop overlooking the river diamante.

During 2017 we held a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for this project. we received more support than imagined! and it was so well supported that we could truly feel the blessing of the master. the Temple was INAUGURATED during the lunar eclipse of January 2018.

re-Fruiting the Forest

our restoration project

The land we ACQUIRED to become florestral was PREVIOUSLY USED as a field for cattle, meaning that the forest trees were mostly removed to give way for the cattle grass to grow. This creates unbalance in the eco-system. It was very IMPORTANT for us to reforest the land and bring it closer to its natural and balanced state of being.

We have hosted many volunteering retreats since 2015. people from many different cultures have come together to have fun and help plant the fruit trees.

These trees provide shade, shelter and food for all the creatures of the forest and they help sustain the water cycle, thus resulting in so much more equilibrium. Due to the trees, we have seen more and more animals and birds in the land. We have more than 280 fruit trees planted! We have planted bananas, plaintains, papayas, beriba (custard apple), guava, mango, starfruit, mandarins, kumquat, breadfruit, cacao, guanabana, pitanga AND jack-fruit, to name a few…and each year we have a lovely surprise as a different tree starts producing it’s first fruit.

The VISphere

Virtual Immersive Sound sphere

We are thrilled to be welcoming the VISphere - our most current project.

The visphere is a brand new format for sound healing and consciousness exploration.

it is the result of our passion and mission to combine state-of-the-art technology with sacred spirit and sound healing.

we have devoted several years to developing and building this 22 channel omni-directional array so that we may immerse ourselves and others in a sensory wonderland, complete with moving sounds and limitless possibilities.